FMP – Final Proposal




Ethan Strudwick
Candidate Number
Project Title Captivation
Section 1: Review (Approx 150 words)
In the last few months, my sister has discovered her love for reading. I thought this was amazing, she found a healthy, educational habit at such a young age. It made me so happy to see her enjoying this and after struggling with reading and writing throughout school, slightly jealous. The idea for this video was based on showing the joy, mystery and captivation my sister gets from reading as well as encouraging others to start. Through practice and experimentation in all areas of a production cycle, I’ve learnt how to effectively use my time in pre-production, how to record audio and film at an industry standard and have expanded on my favourite area of work post-production. Despite this as I near the end of my time at PCA its skills in post-production that I want to keep developing. Editing is a very practical learning experience for me, therefore, the more I push my boundaries and experiment the faster I improve. In this project, I want to challenge myself with brand new techniques, transitions, effects, animations and potentially some 3D modelling.
Section 2: Project Concept (approx 250 words)
In this project, I intend to create a captivating film that visualises the immersion, joy and mystery that my sister gets from reading and urging others to start doing the same. To do this I need to not only show how a book can deliver these feelings, but also need to emulate them in my film in order to give the viewer real engagement and understanding. My current Idea to do this starts off with my subject reading, the story she’s reading will be a short poem about nature, specifically what it means to me and will be narrated by my sister. Not long after it begins I’ll cut to an over the shoulder shot and as my subject switches pages I will unveil a stylized animation inside the book, these animations should represent moving illustrations and are partially inspired by the music video for “The Streets – Fit but you know it”. This piece of film will be visualising the imaginative process that makes a book so immersive and mysterious. As the film progresses I want to use a transition that doesn’t break the immersion to move from these animated illustrations into live video. To do this, I will use an exposure transitions that develops from the illustrations eventually enveloping my subject and the rest of the screen. The film will still be visualising the poem but will now have my sister inside these once illustrations. This is again a metaphor for how literally and figuratively my sister is sucked into her book. The next few seconds will be full of close-ups, one long shot and POV shots that strengthen themes of exploration (Inspired by “Where The Wild Things Are” my research post). After this, my video will continue to visually tell the poem whilst also following my sister’s adventure. This part will be full of cinematic shots and will have quite a slow pacing. The film won’t have an underlining ending but will instead end on some cinematic work and a fade to black, this leaves my audience with time to think and imagine for themselves. There are a few things I need for this film, physically I need my actor, voice actors and a book, however, to ensure filming and post-production goes smoothly I will also need to experiment with some different animation styles, different transitions and make sure I come into film day with an extensive and well thought out shoot plan.
Section 3: Evaluation (approx 100 words)
Throughout the entirety of this project, I will continuously reflect and Evaluate on what I’ve done. I will do this on my Blog, specifically at the end, where I will write the following:

  • What work I have undertaken.
  • one particularly troublesome problem I came across that week, and how I solved it.
  • What went wrong that week, What went well that week.
  • How I could have done better or improved the work I produced that week.
  • Did I reach last weeks target?
  • My target for next week.

I will also Include a final evaluation and perhaps one after completing my first Edit to revise and improve my final product. If I do this correctly I will come away from each of my evaluations knowing If I achieved my goals and how I can improve efficiency in the future.

Proposed Research Sources and Bibliography (Harvard Format)
FMP – Blog Of The Week #1 Depth Matte (Experimenting):

FMP – Blog Of The Week #2 Initial Idea and Data analysis :

FMP – Blog Of The Week #4 “Where the wild things are”

FMP- Blog Of The Week #6 Pitch & Time Planner

FMP – Blog Of The Week #7 Experimenting (Animations, Shot type, Symmetry)

  • Millerson, G. (2001). Video production handbook. 3rd ed. Oxford: Focal Press.

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